Meran Alexia

Laan Magician


Heavy Build. Short black hair. Blue eyes.


Coming from one of the minor noble houses of the Rhakhaan empire, our lands were on the outskirts of the empire. I am the youngest of 2 brothers, Ogden and Lucian, yet older then my sister Autumn.

It was early on in my life when I showed an aptitude to manipulating the essence flows. Luckily, there was an aged Magician (Morigax) who was willing to help out his liege-lord and take me on as an apprentice. Due to the circumstances, I was his only apprentice. It was a hard life being that of an apprentice. Morigax was very firm and strict with his rules and his laboratory was always to be kept spotless with everything put away in its proper space. Spell casting came easy to me, and I was always able to cast spells a little faster then expected. Lucky for me, I still had time to work on training my various hounds/dogs that my family kept. This turned into a favorite hobby of mine. Four years my apprenticeship continued until the age of 13 when the Quaidu army of Lorgalis attacked and invaded my family’s lands. During the hastened evacuation that I was separated from my master, he sent me on while he went back to retrieve something…. he never told me what was so important. He is presumed dead at this point. My father Jorin died buying time stopping the invaders so the common folk and my family could escape. We fled South to the lands of a long-standing friend of our family. With the few scrolls and books I was able to grab on our hastened escape, I was able to continue my studies but at a much slower pace since I was teaching myself at this point. Our mother, Marion, did her best to continue to raise us children and instill the values (Others before self, Integrity, Courage, Justice) and traditions of our family into us.

Currently, the Quaidu have been beaten back from my family lands but they have been devastated from the occupation. Meanwhile, the family reserves are all but exhausted what with years of no tax income coming in from the lands. Its going to take a lot of hard work, hiring of various workers, re-settling parts of the land, cultivation of other parts, all along with massive loans in order to return it to its former splendor. It was at this time that I was approached by somebody who could loan us the money needed with very favorable terms, but they needed some favors from myself in return.

This leads me to where I am now, on a ship heading for a port town called Rapata. I am currently a few days out from port in the Bay of Ulor, an area known for it’s pirates. This has put everyone, including myself, on edge…

Meran Alexia

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