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Commonly Known History, as taught in Haalkitaine

Current time: Third Age 6055

Second Era (SE)

Towards the end of the Second Era, legend has it that Ulor invaded Xa-ar and Ly-ara.  The Lord of Ulor's Quaidu armies conquer all area and threatens the kingdom of Saralis.  As legend has it the king of Saralis was given a crown of great power: the Wyvern Crown.  Rumored to be one of six, one each for all of the great kingdoms of Jaiman.   These legendary crowns were said to control the weather and even the land itself in each respective kingdom.  

Wars of Dominion

The entire planet is decimated by demonic and undead forces, aided by dark men and Dyari.  During this time a massive demonic army attacks Saralis killing it's king and nobles and destroying the legendary crown.    Not much else is remembered from that time, but ancient texts may hold some information that could bring truth to the legends.

Third Era

The people rebuild and the planet recovers.  Around TE 2750, the people who are now known as the Lotana settle on the peninsula of western Xa-ar.  In TE 5087 Ajkara III ascends the throne of Rhakhaan.  

TE 5121 Ajkara is forced out by rebellious nobility, Lorgalis invades Xa-ar and Ly-aran trying to reestablish what was lost in the Wars of Dominion.  He establishes Viceroys and Magistrates in the towns, along with garrison's of Quaidu, but isn't able to completely re-establish his old realm.

TE 5800:  The first appearance of various groups collectively called Messengers, they are rumored to be quite vicious and their are whispers of dark man-like beings in the forest of Dir.

TE 5904-5950 Rhakhaan annexes many lands to the south and west.

TE 6021-6030 Lord Damos Alizon drives all forces of Ulor out of what was Souther Saralis.

TE 6045-6048 Mercenaries from Saralis assault the norther borders of Rhakhaan, making slow progress against the nobles there.

6046:  King Halek of Helyssa is slain, his heir, Prince Kier, vanishes.  The Priest of Yaarth takes over the regency.

6050:  The Priest of Yaarth declares himself Lord-Regent of Helyssa after announcing the death of Prince Kier.  His forces join with Lorgalis and advance east towards Rhakhaan.  Damos Alizon II is assisinated, his younger brother Jiax takes the throne of Saral.

6051:  The Battle of Velenna.  Helyssa forces still loyal to the missing prince Kier, are caught between the pale men of Ulor in the north and forces of the Priest of  Yaarth in the south.  Prince Kier Ianis appears amidst a tremendous—and pyrotechnic—surge in the Essaence. He is wearing the Sea-drake Crown, and rallies his nobles and knights. Helpless against the full powers of the crown unleashed after long years of disuse, the armies of Yarthraak and Ulor are routed. Witnesses tell of Kier wading fearlessly into a crush of foes, his voice causing all enemies within earshot to fall to the ground unconscious or dead. From his hands spew volleys of luminous bolts of water, and the nearby river itself rises out of its banks to swallow legions of Lugroki. At the same time, terrible storms pound the western coast of Helyssa, and all of Ly-aran—long ago
part of the kingdom of U-Lyshak but held by Lorgalis of Ulor for many centuries—is shaken by earthquakes. Kier seems tirelessly and almost mindlessly driven to wipe out his foes. The Priest of Yaarth vanishes from the battlefield.  Many Quaidu flee north in to Saralis and Xa-ar.

to be continued…

History and Region Map

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