House Rules and Decisions

Spell Lists

Character's can't learn any ranks in a spell list if they do not have a book or scroll to learn from.  Players have their base lists to level 50 in the form a spell book.  This book also contains all open and closed lists for their realm up to level 5.   On character creation players can attempt to gain spell lists up to level 20, each one being a scroll.  The first list is + 75 to obtain.  If successful, another list may be attempted at + 50, if not the player retains the + 75 until successful.  Each subsequent success reduces the bonus by – 25 until it hits + 0, which they may then still attempt to gain lists, but must open end-up to gain the final list since it needs a 101 + .  Do this until all spell lists have been attempted to be gained or the +0 succeeds.


The following Birth Talents are forbidden to be taken due to their special ties with race:

  • Darkvision
  • Increased/decreased size
  • Immortal
  • Magic Resistance/Vulnerability
  • Natural Armor
  • Nightvision
  • Physical Resistance/Vulnerability
  • Superior/Inferior Stat
  • Of special note:  Increased/Decreased Stride can only be taken up to tier 5.


Modest: 20 sp/level

Power Level


  • +20 Knacks, +10 max per skill
  • PP Recovers every 3 hours
  • Reroll stats under 21

Power Point Regen

In addition to regaining the number of ranks in PP development per three hours, casters also regain a number of power points equal to the average of their realm stat and Self Discipline.  So a Channelling user with 10 ranks of power point development, a +4 Self Discipline and a +6 Intuition would regain 15 power points every 3 hours.  10 + (4 +6)/2 = 15



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House Rules and Decisions

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