While a small mass of land rather far north, Jaiman has had a powerful role in the world history. It is the home of many Loremasters and the center of several historic conflicts.  Jaiman is broken by mountain ranges, swift rivers, and a series of great lakes. Much of northern Jaiman is sub-polar (except for the far northeast, which is warmed by extensive volcanic action), while the more southern areas enjoy cool temperate climes.

A. Mur Fostisyr   [Cold – Frozen:/Semiarid]

  • Ky’taari (Mixed economies/Monarchy/TL: 4);
  • Syrkakar (Mixed economies/Clan/TL:3);
  • Udahir (Hunter-gatherers/Monarchy/TL:3-4).

This is a cluster of islands, home to the Ky’taari, Fustir, Udahir and Syrkakar peoples. In recent years the Syrkakar have more or less overrun the homes of the other races to dominate the Land of Blue Light.

B. Lu’nak   [Cold/Wet & Dry]

  • Haid, Jameri (Herders/Clan/TL:3).

This land is best known for its coniferous woods, including the beautifulBlue Forest… and the more sinister Forest of Dír.

C. Wuliris   [Cool Temperate–Cold/Seasonal]

  • Jameri,
  • Haid (Herders, Fisherfolk/Monarchy (under Rhakhaan)/TL:2-4).

This bleak land is now under the control of the Rhakhaan Empire.

D. Zor Wastes  [Cool Temperate – Cold/Wet & Dry– Semiarid]

The kingdom of Zor was utterly destroyed in a cataclysm many centuries ago and the land continues to be a desolate waste where nothing will grow; nevertheless it is now claimed by Rhakhaan.
It is believed that any who remain in the Waste too long or venture near the old capital ruins
soon grow sick and die.

E. Saralis  [Cool Temperate–Cold/Seasonal]

  • Jameri
  • Haid (Herders, Fisherfolk/Anarchy, Feudal/TL:2-4).

The old kingdom of Saralis is long gone, and the Wyvern crown destroyed. Now the place is largely empty except for a few remote fortified homesteads and scattered holdings by petty lords.

F. U-Lyshak   [Cool Temperate/Seasonal]

  • Jameri (Mixed economies/Feudal/TL: 4);
  • Erlini (Mixed economies/Monarchy/TL:4-5).

This southwestern quadrant of Jaiman was once the magical Sea-Drake Crown-realm of U-Lyshak, but was fragmented long ago. The western mainland region is now the fledgling kingdom of Helyssa, the south is the Elven forest of Remiraith, and the north is ruled by many warlords who battle amongst themselves.

G. Rhakhaan  [Cool Temperate/Seasonal]

  • Laan/Jameri (Feudal Monarchy/Mixed economies/TL:6).

Now the most powerful kingdom on Jaiman, Rhakhaan has expanded into lands formerly controlled by the other “crown realms” and has truly become an empire.

H. Tanara   [Cool Temperate – Cold/Seasonal]

  • Dúranaki (Mixed economies/Oligarchy/TL: 5);
  • Myri (Herders/Clan/TL: 2);
  • Sulini (Fisherfolk/Clan/TL: 3).

Formerly another of the six “Crown Realms,” the Pegasus Kingdom of Tanara is now essentially a free land under the nominal control of the reclusive Dúranaki, with the Myri and Sulini peoples maintaining a quiet, independent life in the lowland valleys and coastal lands.

I. Urulan  [Cool Temperate/Seasonal]

  • Erlin, Punkari,Sulini (Hunter-gatherers, Fisherfolk/Anarchy,Clan/TL:2-4).

Once the powerful Unicorn kingdom (one of the six “crown” realms), Urulan is now mostly
wilderness with scattered Punkari and Erlin tribes inland and Sulini along the coasts.

J. Sularin  [Cool Temperate/Seasonal]

Erlin, Sulini  (Mixed economies/TL:4).
A small Elven kingdom located in a secret cluster of valleys on the eastern coast of Urulan, Sularin has escaped the notice of all invaders so far.

K. Belgor [Cold/Wet & Dry] Jameri, Umli (Fisherfolk/Clan/TL:3).
The rugged terrain and icy climate of this island make it an inhospitable home. Despite this, a few villages of hardy fishermen live here…beyond the reach of the Rhakhaan Empire.

1. Ulor

Home of Lorgalis, populated by a mix of Quaidu, Jameri and Haid peoples.

2. Quellbourne

In addition to the ruins of the city of Quellburn, there is the trade port of Kelfour’s Landing.

3. The Forest of Dír

A dark forest, rumored to be haunted.

4. Ja’miil Targ 

This region is a lava field surrounded by glaciers and tundra. At the knees of one active volcano is the Uronthis Kalthul an ominous citadel spoken of in rumors.

5. Gryphon College

A school of magic and a sanctuary.

6. Haalkitaine

Capital of the Rhakhaan Empire, Haalkitaine is a fortified city in the foothills of the Grey Mountains.

7. Lethys

Second most important city in Rhakhaan; important trade center.

8. Plasidar

Rumored Dyari pirate base.

9. Aranmor

A site of many ruins, this island is also home to an active volcano. Submarine vents cause the seas all around the island to steam and boil, making a visitation difficult.

10. Nomikos Library

The isle itself is called Ormian, the home of one of the most famous repositories of knowledge on Kulthea. There is also a small university on the grounds, all located on a high bluff. Below the library is a small port village.

11. Ar-talisen

Old capital of Urulan. Once a beautiful city of Orhan-marble towers, fountains and tree-lined courts, it is now in ruins… and haunted.

12. Tyrinia

City ruins, held by the Punkari.


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