• 5’8" – 6’10" tall
  • Lifespan: 200 years
  • Cultures: Cosmopolitan, Rural, Urban

The Laan are even taller than the Elves, but more heavily boned and physically stronger. Their hair is straight and dark brown to coal black, eyes blue, grey or hazel, and they tend to be fair-skinned, from very pale seeming to a flushed but light complexion. Few of the men sport beards; in fact most have little or no facial hair (and little body hair). The Laan are great warriors, leaders and empire-builders: their ambition matches their great stature. They are concentrated in Emer in the Kaitaine vicinity and in verdant hills of Hæstra.


  • 5’6" – 6’2" tall
  • Lifespan: 70 years
  • Cultures:  Harsh, Highland, Rural, Urban

The Haidic tribes of the Blue Forest (NW Jaiman) are related to the more northerly Fustir, but have always been more plentiful—and more warlike. Petty squabbles have peppered the history of the Haid, and the clash of steel reverberates

through the Blue Forest more often than not. Taller than the Fustir-Gost of the far north, yet more heavily-boned than the Jameri, the Haidic people were once masters of much of northwest Jaiman. But now they are scattered, a race in decline  with only the dim memory of past glory. Some of their race—the Syrkakar—have fallen under the cloak of the Iron Wind, while others fade into obscurity. Tending to be hirsute and stocky of build, the Haid have a ruddy complexion and a reddishbrown hair of variegated color. The males often sport beards and many braid their wiry hair.



  • 5’4" – 6’2" tall
  • Lifespan: 60 years
  • Cultures:  Harsh, Highland, Rural, Urban, Mariner

Encompassing a mixture of several racial subgroups, the Jameri peoples are shorter than the Laan, Elves or Talath, but hardy. Their hair ranges from dirty blond to dark-brown, and they generally have fair or olive skin, with eyes of hazel or

brown. Of sturdy build, they tend to become overweight in later years. The Jameri are more hirsute than most other races; the men must shave or grow heavy beards, and many begin to go bald in their middle years. A Jamer feels fortunate to live to be 100 years old.  They can be found throughout most of Jaiman, though in the north they become intermingled with the Haid and other northern peoples. A very similar racial group—the Shay—is common in parts of Emer and in other lands with a temperate or cool temperate clime.

Lotana – Y'Nari from the steppes of western Mulira


  • 5’4" – 6’4" tall
  • Lifespan: 120 years
  • Cultures:  Highland, Rural, Urban

Generally quiet and serene, the Y’nari are nevertheless reticent—even stubborn. Of average height and medium to slight build, they have fair skin (with a yellowish tint) and little body hair. Scalp hair is thick, straight, coarse and deep blueblack (or, in rare cases, white). Eyes are usually brown, hazel or amber, and a distinguishing feature is the epicanthic folds (the small overlap of skin over the eyes, like Terran Asian peoples).  Y’nari also have “flattened” features: small noses, wide, prominent cheekbones. Y’nar populations are found in NE Emer (Silaar), southern Kelestia, and other temperate lands.

Jamani Elf  (ERLINI)

  • 5’8” – 6’6” tall,  
  • Resistant to bacterial, fungal & viral diseases/infections. 
  • Lifespan: immortal.
  • Cultures:  Rural, Sylvan, Mariner, Reaver

The Erlini (Iy: “Gardeners”) most often have sandy or dark blond hair and light blue, green, or grey eyes. Like the Linæri, they prefer to live close to nature in her unaltered state. When they employ tools and structures these are always subtle and clever of design, simple yet practical. The Erlini are the most prevalent of the Elven-kind by far, and in many areas they have interbred with mortal groups to create a hybrid race. However, when a culture of Erlini has been isolated for a long period, they are very shy and resist becoming involved in the affairs of humans or High Elves.


  • 5’10" – 6’10" tall.
  • Resistant  to bacterial, fungal and viral diseases/infections.
  • Lifespan: immortal.
  • Cultures:  Cosmopolitan, Rural, Urban, Highland

The Loari (Iy: “Builders”) almost without exception have raven-black hair. Eye color can be brown, grey-blue or hazel, and their complexion is fair—even pale.  While a Loar may love nature as much as his Linær cousin, he seeks to unlock its hidden secrets rather than enjoy it in its untouched state. Among the contemporary peoples, they are unmatched in science, architecture, and technology.  The Loar egos are also unsurpassed among Elves and men—except perhaps by those among the Iylari who have turned to darkness: the Dyari.


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